Earth’s Deepest Place

Watch a video about the Mariana Trench and choose the correct answers.

I. How old is the earth according to the video?

  1. 4.5 billion years
  2. 14   billion years
  3. 40  billion years

II. What is the deepest location on Earth and where is it located?

  1. The Mariana Trench : It is located in the western Pacific Ocean, to the east of the Mariana Islands.
  2. The Maria French : It is located in the  Indian Ocean, to the east of the Mariana Islands.
  3. The Juliana Dent : It is located in the Arctic, to the west of the Mama Islands.

III. What is the name of the first vessel to reach the bottom of Challenger Deep.

  1. Trieste
  2. Tree
  3. Three S

IV. How do we measure ocean depth?

  1. Make equally spaced marks on a rope. Lower the rope over the side of a ship until the rope touches the bottom.
  2. Send a sound from the ship towards the sea floor. Measure how long it takes to hear the echo.
  3. All correct.

V.  What is the water pressure on the floor of the trench?

  1. less than 5 tons per square inch(over 10 times the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level)
  2. more than 8 tons per square inch(over 1000 times the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level)
  3. more than 10 tons per square inch(over 10,000 times the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level)

VI. How the Mariana Trench Became Earth’s deepest point?

  1. It is a Subduction zone.
  2. It is a black hole.
  3. It is a sea floor.

VII. What  is a Subduction zone?

  1. Seafloor is formed as lava at mid-ocean ridges.
  2. A zone where one part of the seabed is pushed below another into the earth’s interior.
  3. Earth’s center.




Listening Skills Practice

Watch a video about the story of Evelyn and choose the correct answers.

I)    Which community does she belong?

  1. Retirement community
  2. Residential community
  3. Learning community

II)  What kind of service did the community used to have?

  1. food
  2. massage
  3. bus

III)  What happened to the community service?

  1. They change service.
  2. It has been given up.
  3. Nothing change.

IV)  What is her neighbor’s name?

  1. Joy
  2. Joyce
  3. John

V)   Where did the bus take people to?

  1. Department store
  2. Movie theater
  3. Grocery store

VI)   Did she pass the driving test?

  1. Yes
  2. No

VII)  Why does she need the driver license?

  1. She wants to drive cross country.
  2. She wants to go shopping.
  3. She wants to take her neighbor to grocery store.

VIII) Instead of money, what did she contribute?

  1. Her time
  2. Her soul
  3. Her car