Listening Skills Practice

Watch a video about the story of Evelyn and choose the correct answers.

I)    Which community does she belong?

  1. Retirement community
  2. Residential community
  3. Learning community

II)  What kind of service did the community used to have?

  1. food
  2. massage
  3. bus

III)  What happened to the community service?

  1. They change service.
  2. It has been given up.
  3. Nothing change.

IV)  What is her neighbor’s name?

  1. Joy
  2. Joyce
  3. John

V)   Where did the bus take people to?

  1. Department store
  2. Movie theater
  3. Grocery store

VI)   Did she pass the driving test?

  1. Yes
  2. No

VII)  Why does she need the driver license?

  1. She wants to drive cross country.
  2. She wants to go shopping.
  3. She wants to take her neighbor to grocery store.

VIII) Instead of money, what did she contribute?

  1. Her time
  2. Her soul
  3. Her car